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      Linyi Tongxin Electric Co. Ltd. A professional manufacturer of high-quality miniature axial fans, is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, which enjoys the reputation of China's logistics capital. The company is built close to the 206 national highway, north to the 205 National Road and the Millennium Zhisheng Hot Spring, west to the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Linyi North Exit, south to Linyi Airport, Beijing-Shanghai, Yanshi, Jiaoxin High-speed Railway 10 kilometers, beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
      The company now employs 150 people, including 45 senior and middle-level talents, with an annual production capacity of 90 million. Based on the principle of “Working hard to make best fans”, the company has been committed to providing the most comprehensive and high-quality cooling and ventilation solutions for customers, providing the best fan products and technical services and after-sales platform. Products are widely used in computers, electronic equipment, communications, power equipment, welding machines, medical equipment, inverters, industrial equipment, household appliances and other industries. And in 2015 we obtained independent export license, products sell well in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries.
      The office is located 50 meters east of the intersection of Jiuqu Street and Lanting Road, Hedong District, Linyi City, Shandong Province. It is near the west gate of the largest hardware market in Shandong, and in D310 room on the third floor of Hedong District E-commerce Pioneer Park. The geographical position is superior and the environment is beautiful. The Pioneer Park gathers elites of various industries to learn from each other and grow together to make the e-commerce industry bigger and better. Everything we do is for a common goal - to satisfy customers.



公司创建于2007年,是一家集生产、研发、销售于一体的高科技民营企业,专业制造AC/DC系列散热风扇。公司现在员工86人,其中高中级人才15名,年生产能力3000万。公司本着“用心做 好风机”的原则一直致力于为企业客户设计提供最全面、最优质的散热通风方案,提供最佳的风机产品和技术服务及售后平台,近年来深受广大企业用户的好评。产品被广泛应用于计算机、电子设备、通信、电源设备、电焊机、医疗仪器、变频器、工业设备、家用电器等行业,行销全国20多个省市。

Cooling fan power common sense
Release time:
2017-12-20 16:07
Fan power is the fan cooling effect is a very important condition, the greater the power of the fan is usually the stronger the wind, the cooling effect is better.
AC cooling fans should pay attention to the use of several points
Today we explain the exchange of knowledge of cooling fans, AC fan international abbreviation is AC.
DC cooling fan is good or bad discriminating method
Look at the current ------ the same speed, the same voltage, the same amount of wind. Small DC current cooling fan is better. Because the current is smaller, it means the smaller the fan loss,
What are the use of cooling fan?
The use of cooling fans is very extensive, but not very common, because the cooling fans are often installed inside the machine is not found.
DC fan and AC fan What is the difference?
Voltage will be positive and negative changes, so do not have to rely on the circuit control, resulting in a magnetic field.